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Hilde Lotz-Bauer

In a woman’s footsteps

In ItalianCatalogue Introduction by Angelo Cetrone, Mayor of Scanno

Orme di Donna

This is a genuine premiere for Hilde Lotz-Bauer in Scanno in the month that is traditionally characterised by Women's Day, with a photography exhibition consisting of pictures of signifioont historical interest that have never been published before and, what is more, are certainly bound to leave an indelible mark in all of us.

In the thirties of the past century, this German artist, a top international photographer, brought Scanno and the Abruzzi beyond national borders, by portraying, through the eyes of a woman, faces full of humanity and dignity not yet wiped away by modern frenetic life. Her pictures urge comparisons with the works of other Masters of photography and bear witness to the rural life of past times in the Abruzzi hinterland, when entire generations grew up following the footsteps of the women who for centuries ruled their respective families and land during the many months of absence of the men who, as shepherds, worked away from home.

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Hilde biography

Hilde Lotz-Bauer, a woman among women, was able to seize this fundamental and founding value of our cultural identity and sense of belonging to a given territory. Her poetic pictures, which mirror reality, depict "the feminine" of the people of Scanno and continue to tell us about usages and customs, pain and joy, children, youths and the elderly, folklore and traditions common to the Abruzzi hinterland and southern Italy at that time, with the distinctive traits of timeless universality.

ayor of Scanno