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Hilde Lotz-Bauer

Hilde Lotz Bauer, photographer

Commissioned work 1930s-1942

Postcards for museums
Freelance work for a German picture magazine with Helga Fietz
Commissions from art historians at the Biblioteca Hertziana and the Kunsthistorisches Institut Florence (KHI)
Commissions from Leo Bruhns and KHI director Friedrich Kriegbaum’s book projects: Florentine sculpture, bridges, courtyards, gardens, palaces, city gates, walls and urbanism


Florentine collection: predominantly taken with a 13 x 18 cm wooden camera; some with a 9 x 12 cm Linhof, using glass plates and a variety of lenses. Filters and wide-angle lenses were avoided. Kodak and Perutz plates were used as well as Kodak panchromatic glass plates. She did all the developing and printing.

Hilde Lotz-Bauer with camera

Linhof 9x12
A Linhof 9x12 from the 1930s: You can see the sliding mechanism that tilts
the lens to ensure that walls are parallel unlike ordinary cameras that produce
buildings that appear to be leaning over!

She also worked with handheld Leicas.

Leica I first built in 1927

Leica 1
By © Kameraprojekt Graz 2015 / Wikimedia Commons 

Leica II first built in 1932

Leica II
Display camera at V&A Photo: Robbie Griffiths