Tamara Hufschmidt's legacy in the creation of the Scanno show




The opening




Tamara Hufschmidt was present in everyone's thoughts and mentioned by the two Angelos and Corinna.


Listen to the speeches.





Angelo De Nicola shocking the audience with a quotation from Anne Macdonell.

From left to right: Corinna Lotz; Angelo De Nicola, writer and journalist; Angelo Cetrone, Sindaco di Scanno; Gianni Berengo Gardin, photographer Milan


Corinna makes a point!


The end of Corinna's speech.


The audience.

Marinello Mastrogiuseppe, founder & director Instituto di fotografia fotogramma Sulmona is in the blue jumper in the third row centre.

Also present were:

  • Francesca Pompa & Duilio Chilante of One Group
  • Renzo Tortelli, photographer
  • Giovanni Bucci, photographer Alanno
  • Michele Rak, nephew of photographer Pietro di Rienzo
  • Claudio Marcozzi, photographer.
Daniele Kihlgren

Daniele Kihlgren, spoke about the need for a political solution to preserving Abbruzi.

4	Margherita Spacone

Margherita Spacone with Corinna.

Renzo Tortelli, photographer who worked with Mario Giacomelli in 1950s appears over Margherita's right shoulder.


Corinna talking to Gilberto Carbone, writer of 2 books on Scanno.


Francesca Pompa


Irene and Margherita Spacone


Corinna practicing her speech under the tutelage of Irene.


Santa Hilde


Whatever is being said off picture, it was obviously very rivetting


Visit to Frattura


Walking around Scanno


The mayor kindly arranged a visit to the Wool Museum. Our guide was the nephew of Lia Rotolo who was carrying the bread. He was a shepherd who first went on the Transumanza at the age of 8.


Preparation in 2006 with Tamara Hufschmidt


Tamara at a working lunch